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Corrupted Nadie EP vinyl Throne Records

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• TITLE Nadie
• CAT. # TR76
• RELEASE DATE December 2017
• RUNNING TIME 22 minutes
• FILE UNDER Sludge / Doom / Drone

  • Repress for this absolute masterpiece of blackened thick tar droning Sludge cvlt.
  • Re-mastered from the original 1995 tapes.
  • Pressed at 45rpm for maximum power. 
  • Artwork composed with original war photographies from Masahiko "Solmania" Ohno.
  • Housed in a laminated gatefold sleeve, including a fold-out A2 poster.
With this debut recording, Corrupted expanded both sound/tuning and timing to the extreme. Often imitated, few times matched.
"...Think of the heaviest band that you know... Corrupted is the notorious Sludge/Doom/Drone band that hails from Japan yet most lyrics are in Spanish... Everything they have done is excellent... Anyone who loves Grindcore and Sludge should know of the band's cult status... There isn't really a band, however, that can compare to the deadly force of Corrupted... Listen at your own risk."
(Sputnik Music)

"Be afraid... Very afraid. Glacier slow, tarpit thick and skull crushingly heavy... Remind the world that this sleeping behemoth can rise at anytime and raze all that dare proclaim themselves HEAVY. That beast is known as... Corrupted... a huge uncontainable, slithering, squirming, unstoppable, slow-motion, Crusty Metallic black hole..."
(Aquarius Records)