CRIMEWOLF S / T black vinyl Head of Crom Records

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This is the hotly anticipated debut album by Crimewolf . It was recorded by Jay Dean at Dubrek Studios , Derby in late summer 2017. Only 300 vinyl copies have been pressed by Crom Records in association with Kunst Gallery , Belper.

Crimewolf are: 
David Culleton - vocals 
Chris Tree - guitar 
James Fletcher-Fallows - bass Dan Wheeler - drums

They are from the Derby area, and they can be classified as "noise-rock" or "post-punk", yet it is almost impossible to pigeonhole their unique approach to songwriting. 
Fans of The Fall , Minutemen , Wire , Gang Of Four , Fugazi , Pere Ubu and Shellac will love Crimewolf for their sonic chaotic assault on your ear holes. 
Recently, they have been fine-tuning their uncompromising live performances and have enjoyed the likes of Pet Crow, Biscuitmouth, Lords, Plax, Dead Arms. Table Scraps and more. The Crimewolf live the chance.

The album cover art is by Derby artist Phil Burgess . The album is currently streaming, and is available to purchase right now from the and the Kunst Gallery in Belper, Derbyshire.