Tribulation Down Below LP Album Ltd Picture Disc Box set

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From Pitchfork: "From end to end, Down Below relishes exploring the divide between metal’s underground and more mainstream access points, or finding multiple routes between what’s below and what’s above. Long lost is the Tribulation that simply added a blackened veneer to death metal and, later, dressed that mix with black eyeliner and gothic keyboards. This record is something of a catch-all, a gyre of genres suited for much more diverse palettes. Tribulation goes there immediately, with opener and first single “The Lament.” Linking scabrous verses of mid-tempo thrash with well-tempered choruses where the band slows down and opens wide, “The Lament” blooms like the big gray flowers of some mystical plant. Tribulation even slides comfortably into a piano-and-bass interlude, a late-song respite that lets the newly initiated catch their breath before the finale."